Roasted Butternut and Almond Tart

This delicious quiche has a dense, roasted butternut flavour encased in a light almond- and- wheat flour pastry. Ingredients ¬†Crust 100g all-purpose flour 50g almond flour 75g salted butter 1 egg yolk ¬†Filling 500g butternut, cubed and roasted 3 eggs 20ml unsalted butter, melted 100g almond flour 100g mature cheddar cheese, grated Pinch of allspice,…

Healthy chicken pie

If you are a fan of chicken pie, this hearty and delicious recipe is a new favourite – simple and easy, it leaves you wanting more

Savoury mince

There must be something about a mom’s savoury mince. Phil won’t order this in a restaurant because his mom’s is the best and equally my mom’s mince is my absolute best which she always has on hand to welcome me home


This is my ouma’s recipe for Bobotie – a traditional South African Cape Malay dish with wonderful flavours.

Duck l’Orange

Duck l’orange is on of my all time favourite meals and although I’m biased, my mom does make a delicious version and it’s easier than you think…

Ian Higgins’ chicken curry

Ian Higgins makes the best curries and this is a recipe Phil’s parents sent overseas with us for a little home cooked comfort

Duck breast with berry sauce

I absolutely love duck and this is a great dinner party go to. Phil has perfected this delicious recipe – the secret is the sauce

Granny’s Irish stew

My absolute favourite dish and after a recent trip to Dublin, I can confirm – my mom still makes the best Irish stew. This recipe is originally from my Granny Hazel, my dad’s mother.