Ingredients   100 g icing sugar or icing sugar 200 g flour 100 g corn flour 200 g butter, chilled * 2 Tbsp castor sugar Method   1. Cream together the butter and the sugar together until smooth. 2….


Brownies are my all time favourite – here is a delicious Nigella take on them.

Barbara’s chocolate roulade

An original Cordon Bleu cookery classic, this is a Higgins’ family favourite and tradition for a special occasion made by Barbara

Almond lemon cake

Almond and lemon are two of my favourite things – this 4 ingredient cake is delicious and so easy.

Pink salmon and tomato bisque

This delicious soup is very quick and easy to prepare but makes a great impression as a starter for any formal dinner party as well.


This recipe is one of my Aunty Judy’s and a firm family favourite. We often make it as dessert on a warm day for our South African Christmas lunch.

Orange and thyme Madeleines

There are many different variations on the basic madeleine recipe. These madeleines are almond flavoured with a tangy orange and thyme syrup drizzled over them.

Healthy apple muffins

These deliciously healthy apple and cinnamon muffins taste just like apple crumble. Perfect for leftover apples and a healthy snack.


The word tiramisu means ‘cheer me up’ and how appropriate – I love this traditional italian layered dessert with a rich coffee flavour.

Green pea soup

This vibrant green pea soup is one of my favourites and it’s so easy to make. Perfect for all seasons.

Lemon Meringue Pie

Another family favourite and the perfect addition to any tea. My mom and I both love lemons and this lemon meringue pie recipe lets the lemony flavour come through

Granny’s chocolate cake

For all the chocolate cake lovers out there, this is so easy and so delicious. With the perfect texture and flavour balance – this recipe is a family favourite – original recipe from my Granny Hazel

Classic orange baked pudding

This simple, comforting, baked citrus pudding is more often found using lemons but my mom makes a delicious orange version…

Chocolate log dessert

We often make this lovely dessert over the festive season – adapted from a recipe from Janet Roche

Judy’s crunchies

This is a delicious crunchie recipe from my aunt Judy – the perfect tea time snack and very much a family recipe.

Buckwheat and Chia bread

This healthy loaf is gluten-free and made from a blend of whole raw buckwheat groats and whole chia seed. It has a similar texture to rye bread.

Healthy chicken pie

If you are a fan of chicken pie, this hearty and delicious recipe is a new favourite – simple and easy, it leaves you wanting more

Sweet potato muffins

The delicious but healthy muffins by Jamie Oliver are made with my favourite ingredient – superfood sweet potato.

South African milk tart

A wonderful traditional milk tart recipe given to my mom by her friend, Sharon Spiers – absolutely delicious and easy to prepare.

Sugar cookies

A delicious and easy recipe for sugar cookies from the Hummingbird Bakery recipe book – perfect for Valentines, birthdays, baby showers or Christmas…

Savoury mince

There must be something about a mom’s savoury mince. Phil won’t order this in a restaurant because his mom’s is the best and equally my mom’s mince is my absolute best which she always has on hand to welcome me home


This is my ouma’s recipe from Bobotie – a traditional South African Cape Malay dish with wonderful flavours.